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The doctors at Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands are at the forefront of diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy can be burning, numbness, tingling nerve pain in the feet or heavy, cold, painful feeling in the feet and toes. Many patients experience this annoyance and some even experience excruciating pain with peripheral neuropathy.

Dr.Vaclaw has contributed to numerous studies in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. The first step is to properly diagnose the cause of peripheral neuropathy. In office, we have the ability to do a non-invasive, painless, quick test to diagnose if the patient has peripheral neuropathy. A numeric value is even given to allow the doctors to track any improvement or worsening of the disease. Two additional tests are offered in our office to differentiate between entrapment neuropathy (a nerve being pinched) and degenerative neuropathy (nerve endings shrinking). With these two tests the doctors can differentiate which different path of treatment would be best for each specific patient.

Many patients with peripheral neuropathy are found to have an entrapped nerve somewhere between their spine and their toes. Our test can properly identify IF and WHERE this entrapment exists so the patient can receive the proper treatment. This could involve anything from physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, injections, nerve stimulators or even surgery.

Degenerative neuropathy is commonly found in the diabetic population. High sugar content in the blood deteriorates the nerves of the feet, often resulting in the painful numbness of neuropathy. A major problem here is diabetic patients losing their protective sensation. Many patients walk around barefoot and step on sharp objects on their floors or stand too long on a hot surface. With neuropathy, patients do not realize that a problem is there until it is too late. This situation can lead to diabetic foot ulcerations.

Other disorders that can cause degenerative neuropathy involve the body’s inability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals from their diet. This can be identified with our testing and additional blood work that can be done in office.

Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands is thorough at finding the direct cause of peripheral neuropathy before laying out a specific treatment. This rarely involves using some of the traditional oral medications for peripheral neuropathy that have very heavy side effects and do not fix the causing issue. We are proud that we can offer treatments that can cure the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy!