In-Home Podiatry Services

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In-Home Podiatry Services
In-Home Podiatry Services services offered in The Woodlands, Memorial City, and Huntsville, TX

Many patients who need foot care find it difficult or impossible to visit their podiatrist in person. If you’re one of them, Foot and Ankle Specialists can help. From their offices in The Woodlands, Memorial City, and Huntsville, Texas, the practice’s highly experienced foot doctors deliver in-home podiatry services. If you or someone you know can benefit from a specialized foot doctor home visit, call Foot and Ankle Specialists today. Learn more about our in-home podiatry services and book your appointment today.

in-home podiatry

What are in-home podiatry services?

The Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands doctors provide in-home podiatry services to help people who need foot and ankle care but can’t visit the practice in person. Patients who have problems because of muscle weakness or need a walker or wheelchair can qualify for in-home podiatry services.

Many patients, especially older ones, can’t take proper care of their feet. Impaired vision, reduced fine motor skills, and a lack of sensation in the feet make tasks like trimming toenails challenging and potentially dangerous. Patients who have had strokes, hip or knee replacement surgery, or arthritis are limited in their ability to attend to their feet.

The Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands traveling foot doctors care for these problems and many others. They can prescribe Medicare-approved foot bath medication delivered directly to the patient’s doorstep.

In-home podiatry services can relieve in-home caregivers of their loved ones’ foot problems for a time. If you or a loved one can benefit from in-home podiatry services but aren’t sure if you qualify, you can contact the Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands for help.

What in-home podiatry services are available?

An in-home podiatry visit usually lasts 15-25 minutes. Your doctor thoroughly examines your feet, checks the nails and skin for infection, and evaluates wounds and pressure sores.

They feel the pulses in your ankle and foot to assess blood flow and look for signs of reduced circulation. Those signs include cold skin, loss of hair on the lower limbs, and skin discoloration. Your doctor also does a simple nerve test to ensure you have normal sensations at 10 different points on your foot and can tell sharp feelings from dull ones.

This is important because many patients suffer nerve damage (neuropathy), so they can’t feel it when they step on something sharp or their skin is sore. Your doctor also looks at bunions, hammertoe, ingrown toenails, and other foot conditions.

After the exam, your doctor provides fast, painless treatment for problems like fungal toenails, hard calluses, and dry heels. They can give you an injection to ease arthritis pain and inflammation. X-ray imaging is also available as an in-home podiatry service if needed.

What else do I need to know about in-home podiatry services?

The Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands in-home podiatry service appointments are available 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and on occasional Saturdays. Patients can usually see a doctor within 7-10 days of inquiring about an appointment. Patients will receive a call when their doctor is on the way.

In-home podiatry services are available across north Houston as far west as Katy and Cypress, north to Willis and Huntsville, and east of Lake Houston.

Call the Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands today or book an appointment online to learn how you or your loved ones can benefit from in-home podiatry services.