The Extraordinary Foot


“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” -Leonardo DaVinci

Why would one of the greatest minds in Earth’s history make such a bold statement about something that is deemed an unpleasant, unadorned instrument of burden? Why did the hands of the Lord, grasp the feet of his disciples and delicately wash away their dirt and grime?

The foot is, in truth, the lowest portion of the human frame. Like the belly of a serpent, it contacts the dust of the earth. It is the first barrier of defense to protect us from contact against the outside world.  The belly of a boat, littered with mold, muck, rust and slime resembles the bare foot, callused and soiled. It assumes the burden of the entire load of the human body. Each step is, from the first to the last, on sand, soil, sod, cement or soft carpet.


Lavished in soothing oils, it can be cleaned, smoothed, massaged, polished, painted and adorned. It is placed in soft coverings made of the world’s finest materials. It is an ox in an evening gown.

In the world’s most elite athletes, the foot is obligated to strike quick, push hard, stretch, point, connect. The fastest, most exotic automobiles stand fixed, immobile, and motionless if not for their wheels. A mere crack in a racehorse’s hoof can put a great and mighty, majestic beast out to the field. From cow-hide straps to space age foams, consideration is always granted to the significance of it’s shelter and safety.


When rebellions arise, and principles are stood for, what do they stand on? If nations march to aid another or, in solidarity, arms are locked to march for a cause, what do they march on? The toil of the world is not done by hands, but placed upon strong backs and carried by the lower extremity.


Consideration to detail. Even the most neglected parts of our lives merit attention and care. The soiled and callused can be cleansed and soothed. The aching and sore can be healed. Even the lowest can merit consummate devotion. This is why Jesus cleansed Peter’s feet. This is why I have devoted myself to administering to the extraordinary beast of burden, the foot.

Marcin N. Vaclaw
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Foot & Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands

About the Author:
Dr. Vaclaw is committed to serving this community and understands the importance of educating patients on conditions as well as specific treatment plans for his patients’ needs. He is dedicated to pursuing the latest medical and surgical procedures in order to give his patients the care and attention they deserve. Dr. Vaclaw is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Texas State Podiatric Medical Association, and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.