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Do orthotics put your feet in a “normal” position and do they correct abnormal feet? The answer to both questions is yes. They correct abnormal feet by putting them into a normal or neutral position.

First, no one on earth has “perfect” feet, and so all feet are either too flat or too curved. Much like a dentist can fit crooked teeth with braces and an optometrist can put corrective lenses on imperfect eyes, podiatrists can place imperfect feet in corrective orthotics. This puts the foot in a better-more correct position.

Many believe that by correcting the feet’s position to the ground you are re-aligning your body’s structure from the ground up. I personally know of patients who have benefitted from foot orthotics to help with knee, hip, back and even shoulder and neck pain. I compare this to correcting the tires on your car. If your alignment is fine but your tire is flat, the car will still shake and pull to the flat side. By correcting from the ground up, possible benefits to other joints could exist.

At FAS The Woodlands, we utilize orthotics as a conservative option for treatment of many things including but not limited to: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendiniitis, neuromas, bunions, hammertoes, or arthritis and they are commonly dispensed after surgeries to prevent recurrent deformities.


At FAS The Woodlands, great consideration was taken in choosing a company to build our custom orthotics. Sole Supports is an industry leader. They are the only orthotics lab in the country to create, research and develop the M.A.S.S. Position Orthotics (Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization). M.A.S.S. theory postural relocates the foot, thus improving foot function.