What Shoes and Where?

As a Podiatrist I get asked all the time which shoes I like and where do I get them.  On Facebook, I recently shared my personal favorite, but you’re going to have to go and check it out to find out what it is.  I have found two great places in The Woodlands that are my personal favorites and thought I should share.

downloadFor all my running, walking, gym, weekend, all-the-time shoes I go to Luke’s Locker on Market Street.  They have a great selection and educated sales staff to help find the perfect fit.  And everyone needs a pair of comfy flip flops, but not just any flip flops.  Head over to the Flip Flop Shop for wide variety to choose from.

Walking-Tots-LogoLastly, for the kiddos.  Specialty shoes for kids can be really hard to find.  There’s tons to choose from, but knowing the right fit for your child’s feet can be tough.  I highly recommend Walking Tots on College Park Drive.  If you can’t find it in the store, they’ll do their best to order what you need and they have more kids’ shoes than you ever knew existed.

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Dr. Vaclaw is committed to serving this community and understands the importance of educating patients on conditions as well as specific treatment plans for his patients’ needs. He is dedicated to pursuing the latest medical and surgical procedures in order to give his patients the care and attention they deserve. Dr. Vaclaw is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Texas State Podiatric Medical Association, and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.