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Foot Wound Treatment

Many people have to consult with a podiatrist at some point in their life for footsore treatment. Think about this for a moment. Your foot has more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Each of your feet also has 33 joints and 26 bones.


When you consider that most people have logged 75,000 miles with their feet by the time they reach 50, is it any wonder that you’re likely to develop a painful foot sore during your lifetime? When that foot wound makes it difficult for you to get around, it’s time to get help from a podiatrist in the Greater Metropolitan Houston area.

When to See a Houston Podiatrist

Foot sores, injuries, and aches and pains can result from injury or a condition, like diabetes or plantar fasciitis. While many people ignore tiny aches or pains, or even minor foot wounds, there are times when it’s best to consult a foot or ankle specialist for treatment to resolve the problem.


So what are some telltale signs that should send you sprinting a podiatrist? Let’s find out.

foot painDiabetic Wound and Foot Ulcer

Diabetic foot sores are never anything to play around with. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and develop a foot wound or ulcer, don’t neglect to have it checked out by a foot specialist.


You probably already realize that you’re more likely to develop a foot sore or ulcer when you have diabetes. Diabetic wounds are more likely to develop because your condition increases the chance of having poor circulation in your extremities. Bumping your foot or even having poor-fitting shoes can also cause a foot sore.


Here’s the tricky part. Because you may also have peripheral neuropathy, a common diabetic complication, you might not even experience any pain. You may just look at your foot one day and discover a wound.


Even if you don’t feel pain, it’s important to address the problem to avoid complications. An infection in a diabetic foot could lead to gangrene or even result in amputation. No doubt, you like having both of your feet to walk with.


If you have diabetes and have a foot ulcer or sore with redness, swelling, or discomfort, see a podiatrist pronto!

Foot Sore Infection Signs

Foot infections can happen in anyone. A seemingly tiny scrap or cut can lead to infection, especially when untreated or when dirt gets into the sore. Puncture wounds are particularly at more risk of infection simply because they’re typically deep and make it harder to clean bacteria out.


Common signs of infection in the foot are fever, redness, and swelling around the wound. If you notice these symptoms, see your doctor or a podiatrist for a good cleaning of the wound.

Slow-healing Foot wounds

If you have a foot sore that is slow to heal, it can increase the chance of a bone infection. This is because you have very little skin on the foot and any wound is relatively close to the bone.


Slow healing foot wounds are often signs of an underlying condition, such as diabetes. If you know you’re a diabetic, you probably already realize that you’re more likely to have a wound or sore that will heal slowly. Whether or not you have diabetes, if you have a sore that is stubborn about getting better, it’s time to see a podiatrist who can evaluate the problem and bring you relief.

Treatment of Foot Sores and Diabetic Wounds

Our wound care clinic will come up with an individualized treatment plan for your foot sore. Proper foot wound treatment by an experienced and knowledgeable podiatrist may help avoid invasive surgery or even amputation.


Our Houston podiatrists use a variety of treatment methods tailored for each patient, including nail care, wound care and cleaning, wraps and antibiotics, laser therapy, stem cells, injections when needed, and sometimes, surgery.


Contact our care team at the Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Woodlands to have your foot sore symptoms evaluated. We’ll come up with a treatment plan to get you free of pain and moving again.

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