Toenail Fungus

The complaint of ugly toenails is one of the most common things we see in Podiatry.

Discolored, thickened toenails can be caused from anything from trauma to fungal infections, which is the most common reason. Regarding the infections, some people are simply more susceptible to the specific type of fungus that invades the toenail. For this reason not everyone in the same house might have a fungal toenail.

This same type of fungus is similar to the types of fungus that cause athletes’ foot infections. These small dermatophytes (fungal organisms) love the warm, moist environment that our feet live in. They also thrive on the dead keratin found in our toenails.


At FAS The Woodlands, we provide the latest and most effective ways to treat discolored and cosmetically unattractive toenails, whether from fungal infection or otherwise.
fungal nail before treatment
fungal toenail after treatment
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