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With the growing demand of foot care products for patients with specific skin disorders, diabetes, and fungal infections, Dr. Vaclaw diligently searched for the right products to offer his patients. Ultimately, Clinical Therapeutic Solutions provided the best selection of foot care products for our patients. CTS is a company dedicated to the development and advancement of podiatric therapeutic agents. These products are prescription strength and only available through physicians.

  • KERA-42 CREAM Urea 42%: This is a medical strength keratolytic and moisturizing urea-based cream for calloused, rough, dry skin. It contains tea tree oil, aloe vera, and powerful antioxidants to provide moisture and promote healthy skin.


  • KERA-HC Cream Hydrocortisone 1%: Hydrocortisone cream can temporarily relieve itching, irritation, and inflammation commonly associated with excessively dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis. This unique paraben-free formulation also contains aloe vera and vitamin E providing additional moisture and relief.


  • KERA Nail Gel: This unique formulation, suitable for the skin and nails, helps address hyperkeratotic (thickened) nails and the effects of fungal nails. When applied twice a day to the affected nails and skin, this gel can soften nails, mask odor caused by fungal and bacterial infections, and facilitate nail debridement for better managed care of fungal toenails.
  • CLARUS Antifungal Cream Tolnaftate 1%: Athlete‚Äôs foot is a common and irritating condition often seen and treated by podiatrists. A medical grade topical at-home treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat this dermatologic concern. This cream contains 1% Tolnaftate, urea, tea tree oil, and aloe vera to help calm the irritation and relieve symptoms, while softening and moisturizing the skin.
  • CLARUS Antifungal Solution Tolnaftate 1%: Topical ointments for fungal nails are one of the most effective ways as treatment. This 1% tolnaftate, oil-soluble formulation for fungal nails is paraben-free and clear and fast drying.


  • NeuRx-TF Tablets: A dietary supplement taken twice a day, these tablets help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and are ideal for nerve function support. They contain Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Methyl B12. These supplements are recommended for patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.


  • TheraNail-TF Tablets: A dietary supplement taken once a day which will:

Increase nail strength

Reduce nail breakage

Improve nail structure

Smooth brittle nail ridges

This formulation contains biotin, iron, and zinc and is clinically proven to improve nail strength and quality.