House Calls

Did you know the doctors at Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Woodlands specialize in making house calls?

house calls

Our doctors travel all across the greater Houston area to help patients with their foot and ankle needs. Whether it be long, hard toenails, foot and ankle wounds or diabetic foot exams, your insurance most likely allows you to have these in-home visits! We can generally get to you within a few days of contacting our office. No longer do you have to wait hours in waiting rooms. You can stay at home watching TV and have the services brought to you!



Podiatrist House Calls Near Houston


The Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands understand that some patients have difficulty getting around, especially where wounds or injuries affecting the feet and lower legs are concerned. That’s why we offer House Calls in and around the Greater Houston area. We’ll bring our podiatrist to you, right where you are in the comfort of your own home.

Our Foot and Ankle Care Services

We offer comprehensive foot and ankle care. Whether your foot pain or condition is due to an injury or health concern, we’re here for you.

General Podiatry

Our expert podiatrists treat various types of foot and leg pain, diabetic foot conditions, wounds, neuropathy, injuries, bunions, hammertoes, and more. We offer treatments to heal these common conditions of the lower leg and feet, with a goal of reducing pain, improving mobility, and treating any infection that may be present.


Our board-certified physicians consider your entire medical history when evaluating your condition. This, along with an examination and appropriate tests, helps us to best diagnose any conditions impacting your feet or lower legs.


Our expertise is second to none when it comes to wound care of the lower legs and feet. We use various modalities and treatments, including stem cells and regenerative medicine, to promote healing of the affected area. We also utilize a team approach with your other physicians when treating foot complications from conditions like diabetes or arthritis. If you don’t already have a specialist for those conditions, we can refer you to one.


We’ll also advise on ways to prevent similar conditions in the future as well as on what you can do at home or through lifestyle measures to promote better foot health.

Wound Care

Many of our patients have foot and leg wounds that interfere with their ability to be mobile. We can deliver wound care and debridement right in your home to expedite healing.


We love serving our homebound patients, particularly those who have problems walking or getting around and those that may be bed-bound.


Some of our homebound patients have high-risk medical conditions or are on oxygen. This makes it not only challenging but stressful to travel to us. COVID-19 has increased the concerns for these types of patients. That’s what makes a house call such an appealing option for some of our foot and leg wound patients.


Some of our specialized wound care includes treating:


  • Diabetic ulcers and foot wounds
  • Diabetic foot exams
  • Infections involving the foot, ankle, or lower leg
  • Injuries and wounds caused by trauma to the lower leg or foot
  • Post-surgical wound care of the foot or lower leg

Contact Our Houston Podiatrist to Schedule a House Call

Our physicians and foot specialists travel all over Houston and the surrounding Metropolitan area to deliver the best in foot and ankle care — right in their homes. We have six highly experienced podiatrists who are more than willing to travel to you wherever you are in Harris County.


Some of the areas we serve are:


  • The Woodlands
  • Huntsville
  • Memorial City
  • Joseph’s
  • Katy
  • Spring
  • And nearby surrounding areas. Check with our office to see if we can offer you a house call.


Whether it’s caring for a foot or ankle wound, an exam of the foot to ward off diabetic complications, or something else, chances are your insurance or Medicare will cover our visit to you.


Why stress over getting out when mobility is a challenge? We’ll bring our foot and ankle care services to you!



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