FASTW Half Marathon Runner: Nikki Miller

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Nikki Miller is a born and raised Texan and is one of 6 children in her family.  She loves the outdoors and being active, and is happiest doing things outside like triathlons, running, biking, camping, hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking.  She has been a pediatric/neonatal ICU nurse for 13 years, and a critical care transport nurse for 8 of those years.


She started running in college with her brother and started to really love it when her brother challenged her to do her first 10K at the Houston rodeo run in 2007.  When she reached the finish line, she was so overwhelmed with pride for finishing without stopping to walk, she got teary-eyed.  From there she did her first BP MS150 in 2008, and her first sprint triathlon in 2010, at the CB&I triathlon in the Woodlands.  After that, she was hooked!


In 2014, she started having health problems that were limiting her ability to run the distances she was used to and for most of the year, she could barely make it to 3 miles.  It was a discouraging and frustrating time as running was her outlet for stress and had always been her morale booster.   She was determined to and train for her first Olympic distance triathlon in Oct. 2014 despite her health struggles.  Nikki struggled to find the energy to make it through to the end of the race, and felt very disappointed.  Following a minor surgical procedure, her health improved and she started building miles again.


Nikki realized how much running and being able to compete meant to her and she was grateful for the blessing of good health to be able to do it again.  She became more competitive with herself and more aggressive with her goals as she began pushing herself harder.  She registered to do the next Olympic triathlon and once again felt the pride of personal accomplishment as she reached the finish line.  This time the emotions came because she knew how far she had come from the year before and the obstacles she overcame to compete.


January 2016 marked Nikki’s first half marathon and she decided to do the Woodlands half to improve her time. She will soon be running the New York marathon this year, which will be her first full distance marathon.  Nikki is currently signed up for 7 triathlons this year, including her first half Ironman distance.  Her newest goal is to get on the podium for her age group.


She loves training and racing because of the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing the finish line having met and exceeded the goals she sets for herself and instantly having a desire to push even harder for the next event.  FAS The Woodlands is proud to have Nikki Miller representing our team at The Woodlands Half Marathon this year!