FASTW Half Marathon Runner: Kari Ginn

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Meet Kari Ginn!

She is a mother of three and has been racing triathlons and different running races for over 17 years.  She started with a marathon and was hooked from there.  In 2004, she began racing triathlons and in 2006 became South Central Regional Champion for XTerra triathlons and one of the top age groupers in the country.  She settled down with racing after her third child.  She is also a certified personal trainer through NASM, level one triathlon coach through USAT, and a nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.  She has been a coach now in various aspects for 15 years and loves it!

In July of 2014 she donated her kidney to her brother.  It was an amazing experience and something she will never forget. Just 12 weeks post-surgery she ran a trail Ragnar in San Antonio which equated to about 16 miles on single-track trail.  Due to her recent surgery, the training and race left her hips locked up due to all the scar tissue in her abdomen and hip flexors.

Immediately following the Ragnar, Kari began training for the Woodlands Marathon.  Unfortunately, her hips got worse which led to physical therapy to help get her through the race.  At that point she had already committed to another trail Ragnar in Zion, UT set for April.  She took a slight break from running after Zion’s knowing she was over-trained and in jeopardy of further injuries.

At the end of July and one year after her kidney surgery she began running again and was finally feeling more like herself.  It was time to show the San Antonio Trail Ragnar that she was back and wanted to destroy this race more than ever!  She had something to prove this time around.

Kari was getting into some pretty serious speed work in September preparing for this race when she felt a pop in her foot.  She came to Dr. Vaclaw and he diagnosed a small tear in her Achilles.  It needed some serious rest and she was confined to a boot for the next two weeks.  Her next race was only two weeks after that.  It was disheartening, to say the least.  Her training drastically changed to accommodate the injury.  Kari ran the trail Ragnar in San Antonio after dedicated physical therapy and working with Dr. Vaclaw to ensure no further injuries.

Just one week after that race, Kari had a hysterectomy.  This next setback was a welcomed rest as she knew her forced downtime would allow her foot the proper rest it needed over the next 6 weeks.  Despite the extended rest, she saw no progress in her Achilles.

Following another visit with Dr. Vaclaw, she felt more confident she would be running again pain free.  She began intense physical therapy, continued rest, and proper slow training and has felt her foot really turn around.  With only 3 proper weeks of training for the half and with all that her body has taken over the last few months, Kari feels this is another race that she will be proud to finish.  It is not ideal, but she is confident it is the beginning to a healthier, pain-free year.  Kari is an amazing example of strength and perseverance in the face of injury and setbacks and Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands is thrilled to be sponsoring her through this race!