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Foot and Ankle Specialists at The Woodlands 2015 Marathon

26.2 miles can do a number to your feet and ankles. Dr. Marcin N. Vaclaw of Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands will be at the expo for the 2015 Fidelity The Woodlands Marathon. Come by and visit our booth to see what runner’s need to know regarding proper foot care before and during […]

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The Styles of Walking & Running

Many people complain to me about the outside of their shoe being worn excessively. They say they aren’t experiencing any exceptional amounts of foot pain, but they are concerned that something is wrong. They often report that it doesn’t wear unevenly anywhere else on the shoe. The truth is, the outside of everyone’s shoe wears […]

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A New “No-Stitch” Treatment for Heel Pain

Dr. Marcin N. Vaclaw is one of only a few Podiatrists in Houston to implement a new type of no-incision treatment for heel pain. Traditionally, plantar fasciitis or heel pain is treated conservatively through stretching exercises, arch supports, steroid injections and even foot surgery. The treatments have been aimed at correcting the biomechanical abnormalities in […]

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The Winners of the 2nd weight-loss mini-challenge sponsored by FAS

Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands is proud to announce the winners of the 2nd mini-contest for the “Lose to Win Challenge” The male winner is: Travis Landry The female winner is: Suzette Gomez These two contestants will receive a free pair of nike athletic shoes from Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands! […]

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Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Woodlands free shoe giveaway winners announced tomorrow!

Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Woodlands is donating two pairs of Nike athletic shoes to the winners of the lose to win champions weight-loss competition. In a previous post we mentioned donating a pair of shoes to the male and female winner of the mini prize contest for local weight-loss competition. For the last […]

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Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands donating to weight loss competition

Inspired by past competitions, a local and out-of-state group of over 70 men and women have joined together to improve their health by joining the group “Lose to Win”. Headed by Travis Eggett of Zingo Energy Consulting (, the group is comprised of men and women from different walks of life who are all committing […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We thought we could get away without completing this challenge, but we were wrong!  We were challenged by Dr. Mark Yezak at Houston Spine and Rehab Centers (thank you Dr. Yezak and staff…) and we now challenge the staff of Preva Health as well as Dr. Kyle Scarborough and the staff of Family Life Medical. […]

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New Video: No Incision Achilles Tendon Surgery with Stem Cells

Check out our video page for our newest video regarding a no incision technique for achilles tendon surgery utilizing stem cells. This procedure utilizes a large gauge needle to make a small stab incision into the achilles tendon while it is stretched maximally. These small incisions lengthen the achilles tendon, reducing the tightness experienced with […]

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Lechal smart shoes

Don’t Step on my Bluetooth Shoes

To quote the King, “you can do anything, but lay off of my Blue Suede Shoes”. If Elvis only knew what we were coming up with next. Lechal, a company out of India, has developed a new type of smart shoe that can be bluetooth connected to your smartphone. I can’t wait to get a […]

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forklift foot socks


Once again I have to delve deep into my personal obsession regarding what can be known as the greatest “train wreck” on television, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo“. In the episode Girl Power, Jessica (aka Chubbs) goes for a pedicure and the family has the argument over who has uglier feet, Mama June or Chubbs? […]

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